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16th Anniversary Celebration of Newstar Stone

May 19, 2018 is the 16th anniversary day of Newstar Stone’s establishment. The company organizes all staff to go to Zhangzhou to experience the fun of Myrica rubra, climb the South Fort to overlook Xiamen, stroll the Gold Coast, and wait for a series of activities. Everyone is actively involved in this fun.

experience the fun of Myrica rubra

climb the South Fort

Look back our company past the road, the aftertaste of the suffering we have eaten together, we can not stop the constant struggle and progress, 2018 we continue to continue to work hard to pay, start from the head do not defeat, hard heart, heaven is not negative, after the dawn of the dawn, the future of the song today spectrum.

We believe Newstar Stone will continue to develop steadily, continuously and healthfully.

Happy 16 Anniversary, happy birthday to you, Newstar.

Happy 16 Anniversary, Newstar Stone