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Raw Materials Purified

Benyeequartz bring good quality raw materials, the quartz sand are carefully selected by workers, this is an important step which determines whether the slab run a perfect surface or be a impurity slab.


Molding & Pressing

Mixed raw materials and poured into mold and formed in to slab size 126”x63” (3200mmx1600mm) or 118”x55” ( 3000mmx1400mm).The slabs will compacted by vacuum and high pressure of 100 tons. Make sure remove all the air and non-porous surface.


Curing & Polishing

The Slabs are moved to curing room and heated to 90-110 for 45-60mins, that is a key make quartz surface strength and solidity. The flab slabs are calibrated and fine grinding and polished.


Quality Control

All the slabs strictly inspected by quality control man to avoid slabs deformation, air hole, glossiness, impurity, creck and unfilled corner.


Cutting & Edge Profile

Cut specified size from quartz slab with CNC machine. Take 8 hours for laminated edge , which is three times than usual processing.


Quality & Assemble Testing

Assemble test and check quartz surface. To make sure the splash and the Countertop/vanity top can be one full set. And the thickness defference should be in +-1mm.



Padded with foamed plastic and then packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal strap outside. It is suitable for long distance delivery, the wooden packing is very strong.