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The Advantages of Quartz Stone Materials

The quartz countertops is becoming more and more popular and common to be used in kitchen and bathroom.

Why? Why not choose granite or marble stone for kitchen or bathroom countertops? Here we will tell the reasons.

The advantages of quartz stone materials.

white quartz countertops for kitchen

1. Everlasting beauty:
Quartz stone is synthesized by high pressure power under vacuum condition. Its surface is compact, no pores, sso it’s waterproof and strongly antifouling. As kitchen countertops, the oil, sauce, vinegar, juice, coffee etc. is difficult to penetrate.

2. Scratch resistant:
Quartz ‘s Mohs hardness is more than 6. Family products such as spade, wallpaper knife, steel ball and other ordinary iron can not scratch. (But to avoid such as diamond, quartz equipment sand paper, hard alloy and other hardness scraping surface).

3. Anti Fading:
quartz stone pigment is mainly mineral material, it has strong anti discoloration ability. It is difficult to observe the color changes by the naked eyes.

4. Can't be burnt:
The basic material of quartz is quartz granule, and the melting point of quartz stone itself is above 1300 degrees. After adding a small amount of composite material, its surface still has a very high resistance to burn. In the family, the hot coke dregs from the head or the bottom of the pot are often burned on the table. The ability of quartz stone to resist these burns keeps the lasting and clean, and will not appear the phenomena of sunken, spot and so on.

5. Nontoxic and no radiation:
The raw materials of quartz stone before artificial recombination are natural quartz particles, which are selected and pickled, without heavy metal impurities and no radioactive problems, and the whole process of production is not treated by chemical treatment. It's a complete environmental material.

6. Corrosion resistance:
Quartz has excellent acid resistance. The acid commonly used in life is not enough to destroy it.

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