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How to Clean Glue Stain on Quartz

Quartz is as the most popular material for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. And it will be glued on the cabinets, or jointed by glue. If you don't clean it timely, the glue may permeate into the quartz and leaves in it forever.

So, how to clean glue stain on Quartz?

how to clean quartz countertops

There are some tips for you to clean it.

  1.  Clean it with soap water which adding some ammonia and turpentine, it can clean most of the glue stain.
  2.  Dry it with the hair dryer, then scrape it gently, and avoid to use sharp knife to crape it, it may scratch the top.
  3.  Clean it with swab digging with nail polish cleaner.
  4.  If the glue has been getting hard, you can soft it with warm towel then clean it.

That's all.

It's so easy to clean quartz countertops, right? If you have any questions or problem on quartz stone products, welcome to contact Benyeequartz.