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How to Deal with the Color Bleeding on Quartz Tops

Quartz as a beautiful for the kitchen decoration, especially the white quartz, what if it is color bleeding by some strong acid?

Quartz as one of the new material, is popular for the indoor decoration. When you choose the quartz, besides the color veins, glossy which are decoration performances, we also need to take it into consideration, that are the compressive strength, flexural strength, flexural strength, durability, hardness and so on, especially the problem of color bleeding.

Quartz is in high hardness and low water absorption, but it not means it will not be color bleeding absolutely. Some strong acid, tea or coffee, it may color bleed to the quartz.

There are the tips for you if the quartz is color bleed.

You can clean it with neutral washing-up liquid, then scrub it with the sponge, please don't use the iron wire. It can be just on the surface of the quartz tops, if it can be clean, then it means it has been colored to the interior.  If so, you can polish it with emery paper which mesh number is over 2000. after that repair it with resin, you'd better ask the professional person to do it for you instead of by yourself.

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tips on quartz color bleeding