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How to Install Quartz Countertops

Newstar Benyeequartz is a focus on countertops over 15 years professor. We have a large professional team to cut-to-size for you. And we are responsible for teach customers how to install quartz countertops. If you don't know, please read the following steps carefully.

white galaxy quartz kitchen countertops

First, Before installing the stone, you may need to inspect the site of cabinets and ground ark smoothness, check the size of the stone countertops and on-site installation required if there is no error, if error, you need to processing, finishing.
Second, should be first, if need to install the sink devices such as quartz countertops and table file for some local water, and knock, check whether the impending, for some tiny dangling form, can be in at the bottom of the stone on the back to add some glass glue is used for filling, for some serious uneven sex, you need to stop the construction, to ambry mesa to be adjusted to level off.
Last one, for some L-shaped or some super-long mesa mesa, can be used when needed some strong glass clamp to clamp stone to squeeze the gap, for aperture place must be cleared. Here, do not advocate the seam between those stone and metope to polish, especially some brunet stone series. At the bottom of the cabinet of water retaining evenly daub some toning use glass glue, water used for adhesion file, must not use marble glue connection such as colloid, in order to prevent adhesion after not too compactness of adhesive and cause cracking or breakage of stone material.
In the field construction, avoid the opening of the stone material as far as possible to prevent the improper opening of the hole, resulting in stone cracks. The missing glass glue can be cleaned with clean water after 10 minutes.
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