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How to Maintain Quartz Countertops Properly?

All things have their weak points. Although quartz is a comprehensive advantage of other materials, it can also cause damage to quartz in the destructive use of human beings. 
So how to prevent Quartz countertop damage? 

The following matters should be noted when using:
Maintain Quartz Kitchen Countertops

1, Sharp instruments may harm the surface and the material itself. Quartzite belongs to high hardness composite material, which has a high impact ability, so as long as it is not damaged by sharp tool, the quartz stone will not wear out. If there is a particularly hard material on the table, the tool can be gently removed if necessary, and avoid the use of high hardness of the cutter.
2, The high temperature also can cause harm to the mesa. Although quartzite has a good surface heat resistance, it will not be burned by the heat, but any material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and shrinkage. High temperatures may alter the internal structure of the material, and prolonged overheating can lead to accidental damage to the material. In the process of the use of quartz stone, we should avoid open fire grill countertops, and don't put high-calorie utensils directly on the table, so we should use the pan mat to protect quartz countertops to prevent damage.

3, The long-term direct radiation of ultraviolet ray will affect the surface gloss of quartz mesa, resulting in uneven color. When using quartzite later, please pay attention to the above points to avoid unnecessary damage.