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Quartz Stone Interior Decoration Appreciation

Quartz has become a popular decoration material with high hardness and almost seamless splicing. Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors, with different features and the high quality.

The application of quartz stone is mainly in three aspects: table top, wall surface and ground.

1. Countertops:
The most widely used quartz slabs are cabinet countertops, vanity tops for bathroom, counter tops (banks, mobile telecommunications halls, cash desks, etc.), bar counters (bars, western restaurants, etc.), dining tables (such as McDonald's and KFC desktops).

2. Walls:
Shower wall panels, kitchen wall panels, background walls, etc.

3. The ground:
can be used for home decoration, commercial decoration, ground decoration.

quartz for ground decoration

The characteristics of the height of the space itself allow us to make a special negotiation area, form a special visual experience, and form a special visual impact with the array of green plants and space symbols. The layout of the green wall has broken the traditional boring style and made the space design even more exquisite and delicate. Quartz stone plays a important role in the hole space.

In order to make up for the inadequacies of the experience center itself, designers used hidden light strips and sketches on the outline of the stone's edge to shape the towering and uprightness of the building in order to correct the lack of space. In terms of furniture and accessories, the designers used the latest internationally popular stone surface furniture, and they can meet the needs of the function while satisfying the space theme.

quartz stone for interior decoration

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