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Tips for Quartz Sink Maintenance

The proper maintenance will prolong the service life of quartz sink. There are some good tips for you.

quartz countertops sink

1. Clean the quartz sink regularly and keep it dry after use, the retained water will make the deposition of mineral substance, and it can be clean by low concentration acid then clean out by water.

2. Put wet sponge lay in the sink for long time, the high concentration iron may make the sink surface colored in red.

3. Avoid the detergent including silver, sulhur and hydrochloric acid.

4. Avoid using the rough thing or steel wool to clean the sink, it will make the sink scratched and spots.

5. Don’t leave the food which is easy to contaminate the sink, such as tea, coffee, juice and so on, clean it right away.

6. Don’t use the sink as cutting board.

7. Avoid the hot pot which is higher temperature than  280°C to touch the sink directory or mixed the too cold and too hot things together in the sink.

That’s all of the today’s sharing.

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