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Trend of Quartz Stone Industry

Quartz is a new type of healthy and environmental protection product that conforms to the national sustainable development strategy. It was introduced into the domestic market in the 80s of last century.

Although the quartz industry in China started late, after more than 10 years of rapid development, it has become the first choice material for the cabinet table, and widely used in various indoor places, such as toilet washing table, window table, table, commercial platform and so on.


In the next few years, the global market of quartz will maintain a good momentum of growth, and the application of commercial space will be the main growth point.

Analysis of quartz stone prospect forecast report: in the 2014-2018 years, quartz stone will develop more varieties to adapt to different decorative materials. In terms of production technology, molding production will be the main way for the production of quartz in the future.

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