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Artificial Quartz Arabescato VS Marble Arabescato

Benyee published latest NQ5110 Arabescato Faniello in the next half of 2017, big black vein and light grey base look like a big flower. The grey with black vein is mystical. For wall or countertop, it will set off the wide space and make your home with aesthetic feeling.

artificial quartz arabescato

Let’s see the marble Arabescato. As we know, most people don't think she looks good or even ugly. And compare with quartz and it really is. The vines that are trying to spread are choking, give us a sense of restraint.

marble arabescato

Quartz is more and more popular in the world. Why not pay less gain more? It is both cheap and good quality, high-cost performance. If you do not know option what then the best choice of decoration materials.