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When did the Christmas come to China?

The church did not start Christmas, about a hundred years after Jesus ascended to heaven. It is said that the first Christmas was held in AD 138 by initiative of the bishop of St. Clinton in Rome. The church history contains the first Christmas in 336 AD. Since the Bible does not specify when Jesus was born, the Christmas dates vary from place to place. It was not until the year 440 by the Holy See that December 25 was Christmas. In 1607, church leaders from all over the world gathered at Bethlehem for further confirmation. Since then, most Christians in the world are December 25 as Christmas Day. Actually, it does not matter which day it is. What is important is that it is to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the Savior.
Since the Bible chronicles that Jesus was born during the night, the night of December 24 is traditionally called "Christmas Eve" or "Christmas Eve."

Christmas kitchen  

Although there are only a handful of Christians in China, there are still 10 million Christians who were christened. Newstar also has Christians, praying each meal week before breakfast. At Christmas, these Christians go to the church to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, Christian Church will be dignified. Midnight hours of worship, much of non-Christians favor, have to go to church to satisfy their curiosity. Of course, the priests also seize the opportunity to tell the followers of the story of Christ was born in Bethlehem - manger.
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