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How to judge quartz good or bad?

Quartz stone has become more and more popular among homeowners who are looking for a change in their buildings. So how to judge the quartz stone good or bad? Let me tell you. 

quartz countertops

1. From the analysis of raw materials, the main material of quartz stone contains more than 90% of quartz ore and about 10% of resin and particulate trace elements. There are two main quartz ores: coarse sand and fine sand. Coarse sand due to screening reasons, containing more impurity points, relatively coarse ore, it is not as good as the fine sand table look good, look good. However, due to the difference between the prices of coarse sand and refined raw materials, many quartzite countertops in the market are made of coarse sand, but not many refined sand.
2. See the plate hardness, there are two kinds of quartz stone practice: one for the die-casting; the other for casting. Casting quartz stone is cast directly molded, resulting in pores in the middle of the plate and easy to infiltrate the plate, the resin is too easy to crack the plate. Die-casting quartz stone is to go through the press die-casting molding, making the plate tighter and closer will not penetrate, but now on the market die-casting quartz stone mismatch, mainly the size of the press. Small manufacturers press is relatively small, usually 20 tons of pressure (sheet size 2400 * 760 * 15mm), while the manufacturers of the presses are more than 60 tons, 90 tons (sheet size 3050 * 1450 * 15mm). Large manufacturers of a square force of 20T, the hardness of such a plate can reach more than 80 bus hardness, Mohs hardness of 6 (by the professional department testing). The scene generally hit the table, the sound is more crisp, the quality of the table is more reliable.
3. Quartz stone countertops can not do well, depends on the strength of manufacturers, the strength of manufacturers is determined by the research and development department, and the color of quartz stone is precisely to reflect the strength of a company. Newstar Whether the two-color or one-color, and even with vein color, the similarity of the color is more than 90%. Has been mixing the hyatt hotel, Hampton inn, marriott hotel, Hilton Hotel and engineering countertop. The color of quartz stone is mainly monochromatic, mixed colors. Mainly see the primary color through impermeable, the color is not correct, the number of impurities to judge the number of good or bad. Mixed color is mainly based on solid wood doors, high-end cabinets, mainly in titanium series, Symphony series, Derma series, the general two-color tricolor. Like today's small manufacturers on the market with the low-end brand of quartz mainly monochrome-based, with a little bit of ordinary two-color tricolor, and the color looks well-formed manufacturers soon after.
4. Finally, from the particle analysis, a good quartz stone particles rich in glass particles, quartz sand particles, metal particles, and good plate particles less impurity, so the plate fresh, clean, beautiful.